Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What does the future hold for me?

I love to take pictures.

I have been taking pictures since I was little. I think it is cool that we can take a moment in time and freeze it into a picture. Taking pictures is such a fun hobby to have. It sometimes can be peaceful like when you are taking pictures in Colorado of the pretty scenery or it can be exciting like when you are taking pictures of both of my brothers... that can get interesting! I hope when I'm older I can turn this hobby I have into a full time job. If I stay with photography as I get older I think I will want to take pictures of scenery, weddings, and things that mean something special to someone.

When my mom was young she wanted to be a photographer so I am hopefully going to carry out this dream that we both have. In ten years or so, my Mom and I would like to open a shop called Clicks and Cakes. We want to take photographs and designs cakes. So if you were having a wedding you could hire us but get the photographer and the cake by the same people.

I am looking forward to the future and to see what it brings me!! =)


  1. Hey Peanut! I love your first post. I am so proud of you for creating Clicking Corner and following your passion. Everyone will love your photographs and things you have to write.

    I love you Breezy...Have fun blogging.


  2. Hi Brianna,

    My name is Mrs. Lim. Your Mom's one of my Twitter friends and I learn a lot from her (I'm @doremigirl). Your blog is very inviting and pretty. Congrats on starting one!
    I am a music teacher from Philadelphia area. I love teaching and I love my students! I also love taking pictures and scrapbooking (the kinds with real paper). I love to journal as I post pictures so that I remember the special stories that are tied to them. So I want to encourage to journal your pictures! If you want to join me in taking daily pictures and posting them on Flickr, here's the site: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1345301@N22/ Teachers from across U.S. and Canada post pictures daily. We'll see how far we go in our 365 project!
    I was happy to visit your new blog! I'm glad I caught Mom's tweet about it.
    Here's to all the pictures you will take. Click on!

  3. good Job Brianna you are on to a good start and on the one website that we found last night it has a thing on step 2 that is a picture of a sunflower and the same wood your background is.
    Good Job and keep the good work!!!